Skill level: intermediate

Sizes: baby/toddler/child/adult

To fit head 17” (43 cm)/19(48)/20(51)/22(56)


Aran (8 wpi; 10 ply; no 4: Medium) yarn such as BBB Filati Full, in 3 colors 150-200g or 300-400 yards: 

MC (orange) - about 75g or 150 yards 

CC1 (white) – white about 75-100g or 150-200 yards 

CC2 (black) – black about 25g or 50 yards 

Knitting needles US 8 (5 mm) or to obtain gauge 4” x 4” (10 x 10 cm) = 18 sts x 28 rows (in moss/seed stitch) 

Knitting needles US 4 (3.5 mm) or to obtain gauge 4” x 4” (10 x 10 cm) = 20 sts x 36 rows (moss/seed stitch) 

Removable marker and a tapestry needle 

Crochet hook to match your yarn - optional  


St(s) – stitch(es) 

RS and WS – right and wrong side 

K – knit 

P –purl 

Sl - slip 

Ssk – slip slip knit 

Kfb – knit in front and back of stitch 

K2tog or p2tog– knit or purl two stitches together  

Pattern notes

The negative ease of the headband is about 2” (5 cm) 

The headband is worked flat 

The cowl is worked top down and seamed front center  

The Pattern (moss or seed stitch)

Row 1 (RS): *k1, p1*, repeat from *-* all across 

Row 2 (WS): work each st in opposite manner as it faces to you that is knit the purl and purl the knit stitches

 Repeat Row 2  

the Headband

With MC and smaller needles cast on 16/16/20/26 (baby/toddler/child/adult) and work the Pattern (see above) until the headband measures from the cast on row 15/17/18/20” (38/43/46/51 cm). 

Bind off all sts. Block the headband Sew the cast on and bind off edges together.  

Ears (make 4)

Knit 2 ears with MC yarn and in the Pattern; 2 ears with CC1 yarn and in stockinette stitch.  

Knit the ears with your smaller needles. 

Cast on 10 sts and work 6 rows.  

Row 7: knit or purl two stitches together, work the remaining stitches 

Repeat Row 7 until you have 2 stitches left, bind off all sts. 

Seam one MC ear and one CC1 together from longer sides with wrong side facing (CC1 ear right side is the knitted side). 

Alternative method joining the ears: single crochet one MC and CC1 together from longer sides with MC yarn. 

Turn right side facing and seam the cast on edge together with running stitches. Pull slightly so the ear would roll like a taco.  

Attach the ears to the headband about 4” (10 cm) apart.  


With CC and smaller needles cast on 12 sts. Work the pattern for 10 rows, bind off all stitches.  

Wrap some yarn around the middle to make it into a bow and sew it just in front of one ear.   

the Cowl

Bow part 

With your larger needles and CC1 cast on 8/16/16/16 sts and work in the Pattern until it measures about 45/51/51/60” (115/130/130/153 cm), bind off all sts. 

 Fold the piece so that one shorter edge meets the other to find the middle point. Place a marker.  

Now pick up from one of the longer edge 20/28/32/40 sts before the marker and the same amount stitches after the marker (total 40/56/64/80 sts). 

Bottom cowl part 

The cowl has a 4 stitch Edge on both sides of the cowl, work these stitches in the Pattern from rows 1-8 

With MC yarn continue: 

Cowl Row 1 (RS): edge (4 sts), knit until 4 sts left: edge (4 sts)

Cowl Row 2: edge, purl until 4 sts left: edge 

Cowl Row 3: edge, *kfb, k1 *, repeat from *-* until 4 sts left: edge 

Cowl Rows 4 to 7: edge, work in stockinette stitch, edge 

Cowl Row 8: edge, purl until 4 sts left: edge, cast on 2 sts 

Cowl Row 9: knit all sts, cast on 2 sts Continue in stockinette stitch on all sts (no edge).  

Work until the piece measures from Cowl Row 1 about 4/6/6/8” (10/15/15/20 cm). 

Next RS row change to CC2 and work in the Pattern for 6 rows, bind off all stitches.

Start sewing the cowl together from the bind off edge up to the 9th row, use mattress stitch. 

Weave in all ends and tie the scarf into a nice bow.